May 7th, 2016   –   Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo   –  11am-3pm

The SLO MakerSpace Expo will take place May 7, 2016 at Mission Plaza from 11am-3pm and at SLO Makerspace from 4pm-8pm to showcase the spirit of ingenuity, invention, and making in San Luis Obispo county and surrounding areas. This is the third event of its type, having run the past two Mays under different sponsorship. The core organizing committee has also evolved, but continues to include members from the first and second years’ events to keep the spirit of the event similar in nature.

Local and state makers demonstrate, teach, and exhibit their work during this event. Both children and adults alike are captivated by the technological, robotic, artistic, and inventive designs produced by the makers. Some booths feature hands-on events, others are demonstrations of new or improved technologies. The SLO Makerspace Expo is an event for the entire family. All makers, inventors, dabblers, and dreamers welcome!